Wide Area Network Affiliations

NETnet utilizes wide area networks to relay data from various geographical locations. 

Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN )

The Lonestar Education And Research Network (LEARN) is a consortium of 39 organizations throughout Texas that includes public and private institutions of higher education, community colleges, the National Weather Service, and K-12 public schools. The consortium, organized as a 501(c)(3), connects these organizations, and over 600 affiliated organizations, together with high performance optical network services to support their research, education, healthcare and public service missions. LEARN is also a part of a national community of research optical networks, and provides Texas connectivity to the national and international research and education networks.

Office of Telecommunication Services (OTS)

The mission of the Office of Telecommunication Services (OTS) is to provide reliable, efficient and cost-effective data, video and voice communications for The University of Texas System component institutions and administration in support of their strategic missions of education, research, health care, and public service.


The wide area data and interactive communications network that serves the campuses and agencies of the Texas A&M System. TTVN provides enterprise-class commodity Internet, Internet2, and Texas Intranet data services to all members of the Texas A&M System and the extended TTVN community.  TTVN also provides videoconference scheduling and support, videoconference bridging, webcasting, and WebMeeting services for classes, meetings, and special events.

Texas Education Telecommunications Network (TETN)

TETN is a cooperative of Education Service Centers and the Texas Education Agency and provides H.320 and H.323 multiparty videoconferences, point-to-point H.320 and H.323 videoconferences, data transport (IP) services, special project conferences and archiving and live stream access. School districts that are members of their ESC regional network will have access to the statewide education intranet and the new services including 21st Century applications, tools and digital resources. 

Internet 2

Internet2 is a member-owned advanced technology community founded by the nation’s leading higher education institutions in 1996. Internet2 provides a collaborative environment where US research and education organizations can solve common technology challenges and develop innovative solutions in support of their educational, research and community service missions. Our community touches nearly every major innovation that defines our modern digital lives—and continues to define “what’s next.”