The Center for Educational Technology services three basic groups of organizations. First, we work with colleges and universities to promote enhanced higher education opportunities in a 50-county service area of East Texas. Second, we work with public school systems to encourage students to become life-long learners and competitive professionals ready to advance our local economies and communities. Third, we work with regional healthcare centers who, statistically, offer some of the most stable, high paying, growth oriented employment in the area.

Taken together, these three groups form an education and employment path, as a student moves from the K-12 environment into a college education and out to the professional world. NETnet uses its technology-enhanced resources to help this process of education, specialization, and employment progress.

Although these three groups represent our primary focus, NETnet does interact with a variety of other non-profit organizations who contribute to the education process. NETnet resources are used by multiple organizations to advance governmental, public health, community, county and state services.

What can your organization do through NETnet? Why not call the Center for Educational Technologies at 903-877-1200 to explore the possibilities?