Welcome to Northeast Texas Consortium and the Center for Educational Technologies

The Northeast Texas Consortium is the collaborative effort of 13 higher education institutions to bring a wide range of instruction to 50 rural Northeast Texas counties containing 46% of the rural Texas population. The educational programs and services available through The Northeast Texas Consortium enhance the lives of thousands of people each year. Yet, even though we cover several thousand square miles and serve so many people, we believe that each individual is unique and that we have a responsibility to expand and enhance educational opportunities for each East Texan. We also believe that everyone can learn and can be a productive, contributing member of society.

We provide a very broad spectrum of services. They range from the coordination of educational network technologies and systems management; to distance learning curriculum design and course development; to staff training and technical support; to grant and project management. The Northeast Texas Consortium supports distance learning programs at numerous organizations leading to careers in such high demand fields as practical nursing, manufacturing technology, biotechnology, multi-craft maintenance, IT, and environmental science.

We are proud of the accomplishments and contributions of our member and affiliated organizations. They are the backbone of our economic system and our communities. They create a qualified, highly trained workforce to run our hospitals, offices, restaurants, and banks. They meet the education needs of large, medium and small companies. They keep our counties, our communities and our businesses at the cutting edge of information and process. They help us learn about and use technology.

We also take great pride in the accomplishments and contributions of our staff members. They are outstanding individuals who work hard to help people achieve their goals and improve their lives. They also provide educational and technology leadership at the local, regional, and state levels. They are responsible for the excellent reputation that the Northeast Texas Consortium has earned over the years.

We invite you to learn more about us. You can find out how our programs and services can assist you, people you know, and people who work for you by reviewing our web site, reading our publications and visiting our facilities. Find out how you can get involved in our expanding regional opportunities.

Save the Date!

The 2019 Summer Distance Learning Conference

Where? The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, June 27 - 28, 2019

The theme — Go Wild  -  Explore the Endless Possibilities